9 Foot Sectional Curb Cover

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Keen Ramps x Curb Cover collab 

The Curb Cover is one of the newest skate elements on the market that turns dull, rough, chipped curbs into a smooth, slick and consistent skating surface - all while protecting your curb from damage in the process.

At Keen Ramps, we're huge fans of smashing crusty concrete curbs but we realize that's not for everyone and some people aren't able to skate the curb in front of their own home due to landlord, home-owner association, neighbor, and/or parent buy-in. The Curb Cover is a quick and easy solution to creating a perfect, skatable slappy curb anywhere/ anytime!

SHIPPING: The cost of shipping is  $10 flat. If you're in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada please email us for a shipping quote (additional fees will apply). 

Simply said ... the Curb Cover is like coping for your curb!

  • Made In The USA and locally sourced
  • 9' long (three, 3' long sections)
  • 5" on each side
  • 24lbs. (8lbs each x3)
  • Simple, patent-pending connector system that allows quick and reliable connection of Cover sections
  • 14 Gauge USA cold-rolled galvanized steel
  • Angle of metal matches most standard curbs and even works when the angle doesn't match up perfectly (just results in moderate shifting/ movement of the cover than normal). 
  • Professional grade powder-coating that provides a striking, smooth, consistent skating surface while preventing rust.
  • Custom felt backing that helps hold the Cover in place, reduce lateral movement, deaden sound while protecting the curb underneath it