The Ultimate Tool/Skate Bag

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"The Ultimate Tool/Skate Bag"

Everyone needs a good bag regardless of their craft or hobby. We created this one with tools in mind but also made sure it can be used by all of our friends whether it's a filmer, skate instructor, skate mom, or even for your significant other to use as a gym bag.The Keen Ramps Ultimate Tool Bag is water-repellent, has diens of compartments, and even has skateboard holder straps on the bottom for your next trip.

The days of digging through and disheveling your bag to find the right thing are over. Made of heavy-duty water-resistant ripstop nylon material that is no match for rain, rough airline baggage handling, and/or weak spots forming from the friction of tools.

The 16-inch main compartment has a metal frame which gives the bag some structure while still allowing for a malleable structure that can accommodate irregular tools, skateboard components, or whatever you've got to throw inside of it.

-Dimensions: 16"x10"x11"

-Action leather haul pad and D ring loops for style and durability

-2 dozen outer pockets and loops

-A dozen inner pockets