Keen Ramps doesn't just build ramps, we also #BUILDSPOTS

Keen Ramps doesn't just build ramps, we also #BUILDSPOTS

While we love building ramps for residential purposes and curated skate events, it's also a good time getting out in the streets and making new spots to skate. For the 1st installment of this project, we took an old handrail we had lying around from a Diamond Supply Co x ComplexCon street course a couple years back and installed it at a perfect 8 stair in LA county and then invited a bunch of our Pro/ Am skater homies to come throw down on it for a chance to win cash.Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS flyer

The session was heavy as expected and the "podium" broke down as follows:

Jonathan Henderson Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS contest 1st place winner
Santana Saldana 2nd Place Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS Winner
Becker Dunn Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS contest winner 3rd place

    This was the first of hopefully many renegade/ give-back street spot creations we plan to do as apart of an initiative we're calling #BUILDSPOTS in which we create one of kind obstacles to skate out in the streets of LA and Orange Counties.

    A t-shirt with an image from this build along the text "this shirt builds spots" was created and is available for purchase on our website. 100% of the proceeds from the t-shirt will go towards materials to create yet another Keen Ramps street spot. After the 2nd installment, another t-shirt will follow to fund a 3rd one and so on.

    Please note: while we do not always lead by example, we do not encourage our audience to build/ alter/ perform construction on private or public property without permission and/or obtaining permits to do so.

    Check out the video recap here:

    Film/ edit: Cody Smith

    Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS best trick contest 8 stair rail

    Boo Johnson Just Have Fun Co JHFC handrail nose grind Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS best trick contest

    Julian Jeang-Agliardi handrail kickflip back smith Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS best trick contest

    Santana Saldana Darkstar handrail caballero back smith Keen Ramps #BUILDSPOTS best trick contest

    Photos: Lawrence Limtao