6' Long Bench

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Introducing the 6' long Bench! Constructed with super rigid and slick recycled plastic on both sides, this bench slides like your favorite school yard or city park bench but way easier to move around your house or skate spot as you please. This bench features pressure fit/ jointed seams on all 4 corners which means it's quicker to assemble and will ensure the obstacle doesn't feel loose or unstable after several hundred hours of skating goes down on it.  

Dimensions & Weight:
- 13" high x 16" wide x 6' long

Kit dimensions (aka box it ships in):
- 6" high x 14" wide x 6' long

- 62 lbs


- Arched Bottom to conform to any surface & prevent rocking
- Pre counter-sunk holes with weatherproof screws.
- 1"x4"x6' recycled plastic coping on both sides (which is much more forgiving on the shins if you slip out on a grind)
- pressure-fit joint assembly - all you need is a drill and rubber mallet!
- Extremely durable for any level skater.
- Great for perfecting grinds and slides.
- Sleek design and styling makes it feel like you're skating the streets.

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