"The Slap Pad" - PD x KR collab

Regular price $399.00

- 6" high x 32" wide x 60" long


- 80 lbs


Earlier this year (2020), pro skater/ YouTube personality John Hill reached out saying he wanted to create a beginner focused, collaborative manual pad with his brand Progress Daily. John is actually also a long time friend and early promoter of Keen Ramps back in 2014 when he was featured in our videos of new obstacles so when he approached us to do a collab, it was a no-brainer to join forces.

In developing this obstacle, we wanted to spice up the traditional manual pad so we decided to add a slightly banked edge favorable for slappy grinds. For those of you wondering, what's a "slappy grind"? It's when you bash into the side of a curb or ledge without ollie-ing and get a grind. You'll also notice this ledge is much wider compared to our standard grind boxes. This makes manuals that much more comfortable and easier to learn.

- Counter-sunk weatherproofed screws.
- Inset 1"x2" rectangular coping on one side

- Schedule 40 - 2" steel round coping on the other (Slappy) side
- Unlike competitors models coping sits flush on top with surfacing to ensure the smoothest grind/ slide possible, not to mention make the obstacle look that much better.
- Extremely durable for any level skater.
- 2 layers of surfacing guaranteeing against puncture holes and weak spots.

- Hand hold cuts on the ends to make moving the obstacle around easier.
- Great for learning your first grinds or manual tricks while having the perfect opportunity to learn "slappies"