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- 10" high x 3' wide x 10' long
- Rail: 16" high x 5' long - each side

- Mellow kicker to allow ample set up time for switch and nollie tricks.
- 5' long rail on each side to allow for a more solid/ lengthy grind or slide.
- 2 moveable sections to allow for gap to frontside and backside grinds/ slides variations.
- Counter-sunk weatherproofed screws.
- Enamel coated coping and galvanized steel transition threshold.
- Heavy duty steel hand-welded in the U.S. by experts with 20+ years experience.
- 2" round rail to allow for the widest variety of eased tricks.
- Welded end caps for added safety and solid feeling grinds.
- Side handles to tilt ramp up for easy mobility.
- Extremely durable for any level skater.
- 1" thick of surfacing guaranteeing against puncture holes and weak spots on the ramp.
- Professional, smooth imported birch wood skating surface.


U.S. Shipping: Is available if you live within the 48 contiguous states, ramp arrives on your door step via a freight shipping provider. Please reach out to us for a quote if you're interested in shipping to HI, AK, or outside the US.

*Shipping costs are built into our ramp totals however, due to elevated fuel prices, surcharges, etc. within the freight shipping industry we are seeing some very steep rates these days (updated: 2024). We will cover any shipping up to $250, however anything beyond that, the customer will be required to cover the difference of. i.e. shipping an A-Frame with Skatelite to New York might be around $350 with current rates thus we would require the customer to pay the approximate $100 difference of the shipping charges. Please do not be alarmed by this potential added fee though, most shipments fall at or under $250. Hopefully this market will correct itself in upcoming months and we will be able to remove this occasional added fee.