Mini Transformer Rail

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The ​MiniTransformer Rail is designed to give skaters the versatility of a Transformer Rail in a smaller and more portable package. The Mini Transformer Rail is especially great for beginners who can benefit from having a lower rail to help learn new tricks. And, since the rail is height adjustable 9"-16" it offers plenty of room for progression for any level user!

- 9.5" wide in Bench position
- 3" Flat Bar
- Height adjustable 9"-16"
- Length 5ft
- Weight 40lb

- Rotate to select Flat Bar, Bench, Round Rail
- Requires 3/4" socket or crescent wrench
- High performance polymer top sheet
- Durable non-slip feet
- Available in alternate colors by request

- 21 unique setups
- 3 different Bench heights
- 6 different Rail heights
- 6 angled Bench positions
- 6 angled Rail positions

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