6ft Transformer Rail

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The Transformer Rail is the most versatile transitional grind rail in the world! It's the only rail that combines a Flat Bar, Bench, and Round Rail into one obstacle. The Transformer Rail is every rail you need, to land the tricks you want.



- 12" wide in Bench position
- 3" Flat Bar
- Height adjustable 12"-24"
- Length 6ft
- Weight 55lb



- Rotate to select Flat Bar, Bench, Round Rail

- Requires 3/4" socket or crescent wrench

- High performance polymer top sheet

- Durable non-slip feet

- Available in 5 colors



- 128 unique setups

- 4 different Bench heights

- 16 different Rail heights

- 12 angled Bench positions

- 96 angled Rail positions


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