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- 10" high x 3' wide x 10' long
- Rail: 16" high x 5' long - each side

- Mellow kicker to allow ample set up time for switch and nollie tricks.
- 5' long rail on each side to allow for a more solid/ lengthy grind or slide.
- 2 moveable sections to allow for gap to frontside and backside grinds/ slides variations.
- Counter-sunk weatherproofed screws.
- Enamel coated coping and galvanized steel transition threshold.
- Heavy duty steel hand-welded in the U.S. by experts with 20+ years experience.
- 2" round rail to allow for the widest variety of eased tricks.
- Welded end caps for added safety and solid feeling grinds.
- Side handles to tilt ramp up for easy mobility.
- Extremely durable for any level skater.
- 1" thick of surfacing guaranteeing against puncture holes and weak spots on the ramp.
- Professional, smooth imported birch wood skating surface.

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