"Surf-Skate" Mini Half Pipe

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Introducing a different kind of mini half pipe meant for a different type of skating. As a company that's run and operated by core skaters, we are all about having fun and getting creative which is why we don't have any prejudice against other forms of skating or boards and is thus why we decided to start selling this obstacle.

The Surf-Skate Mini is the ultimate fusion of surfing and skateboarding! Engineered for surf-skate/ swivel truck boards (aka Carver boards), this ramp provides the perfect canvas for riders to carve, shred, and replicate the feel of surfing anytime they want in the backyard. Designed for endless fun, skill progression, and training. Great for mastering staying in the pocket of a wave as well as making all of your turns and maneuvers one on-going/ fluid motion. 

- 3' high x 12' wide x 20' long 

- Counter-sunk weatherproofed screws.
- Extremely durable for any level skater.
- Comes standard with 3 layers of surfacing equaling 1" thick guaranteeing against puncture holes and weak spots on the ramp. Most competitors charge extra for that added 2nd layer of underlying surfacing, while we include the extra layer on all of our ramps for no extra charge.
- Professional, smooth imported birch* wood skating surface.

*Ramp comes standard in birch sanded finished plywood. Select “Weather Resistant Coating” if you would like the riding surface painted blue and the sides and/or back caps painted grey. If you go with Skatelite as the surfacing option and would also like the weather resistant coating, the Skatelite comes in its standard tan/ brown (R50) color and the sides and/or back caps will be painted grey. 


U.S. Shipping: Is available if you live within the 48 contiguous states, ramp arrives on your doorstep via freight shipping provider. Please reach out to us for a quote if you're interested in shipping to HI, AK, or outside the US.

*Shipping costs are built into our mini ramp kit totals however, due to elevated fuel prices, surcharges, etc. within the freight shipping industry we are seeing some very steep rates these days (updated: Spring 2024). We will cover any shipping up to $450, however anything beyond that, the customer will be required to cover the difference of. i.e. shipping a 12' or 16' wide mini ramp to New York might be around $800 with current rates thus we would require the customer to pay the approximate $350 difference of the shipping charges. Please do not be alarmed by this potential added fee though, only about 5% of our mini ramp orders cost more than $450 to ship. Hopefully this market will correct itself in upcoming months and we will be able to remove this occasional added fee.